Who, Where From & Why Are People Migrating to the US?: “Take Our Border Back” series

Can the American Dream be shared with everyone who dreams of freedom in the United States?  Realistically, probably not.  Yet, the US is experiencing a mass migration across our borders. Some come through the 65 legal southern ports of entry. There is only an estimated 100s of thousands that cannot be accurately counted are illegally […]

For Your Family’s Sake – “Take Our Border Back” URGENT Update

Thanks to Trucker G and His Wife on YouTube for the Heads up about some misconstrued information on social media about the Take Our Border Back movement. “Take Our Border Back” is NOT a CALL to ACTION to take up arms. Trucker G and His Wife also mention that people who are interested in participating […]

For Your Family’s Sake – “Take Our Border Back” Series Introduction

This is a CALL to ACTION for all concerned American citizens to keep American soil safe for our families. The US is experiencing a humanitarian crisis at the southern border that is festering to change the course of America’s history while we sleep. Are satisfied with how the current government administration is dealing with the […]

Living Word Cult Survivors Video Collection 5

This No Non-cents Nanna post is the 5th page with a growing list of videos made by other Church of the Living Word Cult former members. Please note that there are other churches who DBA nonprofit churches with the same name but have no affiliation to The Chruch of the Living Word founded by John […]

Sound of Freedom: Conversation Starter on Child Abuse

Human trafficking is complex. This post was inspired by Sounds of Freedom – on the horrors of Human Trafficking. We Americans must face the reality that selling human beings does exist and we must have some awkward or sensitive conservations about the facts. I want to warn you that social media is not the best […]

Did Church of the Living Word Violate OSHA at Shiloh In Kalona, Iowa?

This post was written specifically for my fellow survivors of The Church of the Living Word cult founded by John Robert Stevens on child labor, safety, and OSHA standards. But, this post is open to anyone wanting to learn about Heat safety and what teenagers can or cannot do in volunteer jobs or at church camp, feel free to read, share and bookmark this post for a start on family groups’ health and safety awareness. Did the Church of the Living Word Violate OSHA at Shiloh In Kalona, Iowa? I do not know. But, I’d like to find out why so many survivors have complained that they were young and worked long hard hours in the sun and heat as […]


ALERT NoNon-centsNanna.com has recently published several articles exposing a still existing religious organization. These articles seem to have garnered the attention of this organization, and/or their supporters, and has released a series of DDoS attacks, which has slowed this and several other web sites on this server. This is a Federally criminal offense under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). Due to the fact that this same server also houses several web sites that generate revenue that have been disrupted. This also opens the possibility of civil action amounting to over 7 figures. What is a DDoS attack? DDoS is a type of denial of service (DoS) attack where a perpetrator maliciously attempts to disrupt the normal traffic of […]

Church of the Living Word CULT Posts on No Non-cents Nanna Under Current DDos Attack

Attention: the administrating Tech support for NoNon-centsNanna.com has issued a RED ALERT that this blog is under a DDoS attack. There is no danger to anyone visiting NoNon-centsNanna.com – it will simply be annoying to you. (See blog quote explanations below.) The post is in DARFT form at this current time. I contain NoNon-centsNanna.com Information Directory with clickable links to current posts on The Chruch of the Living Word cult, The Walk, and Shiloh at Kalona Iowa, founded by John Robert Stevens Please feel free to share on social media to get the word out to legitimate survivors of this toxic religious organization. As the author and very vocal advocate for the survivors of the religious cult The Church of […]

Synopsys & Reflections of Church of the Living Word Cult Survivor

This post about the Church of the Living Word cult founded by John Robert Stevens is written by a fellow survivor of The Walk. He kindly allowed me to publish his words on my No Non-cents Nanna blog. We hope this synopsis reaches more wounded former members seeking recovery with old friends and family members who JRS’s predecessors had separated. (This is explained below.) This guest writer has very clearly broken down how the husband and wife leadership changed the “directives” and interfered with nurturing family units by removing children from stable homes to others in the “church” to “shepherd” under assigning designated relationships. I took the liberty to separate paragraphs for easier reading in this format. There may be […]

Normal Child Growth & Development was “Demonic” Said the Shepherds in The Walk of JRS Church of the Living Word

This post titled Normal Child Growth & Development was “Demonic” Said the Shepherds in JRS The Walk is a subsection of No Non-cents Nanna blogs by author Malika Bourne. (Online author’s legal pen name.)  From the years 1972 to 1983, as a member of The Church of the Living Word cult, I offered my expertise in childcare. I was seeing, unmet developmental goals, safety issues in the nurseries, and abuse in the “Kingdom Schools” my children attended instead of my preference for Head Start and public school. But, that was a No-No brick wall with my husband due to the influence of leadership in “Kingdom Businesses”. I had been groomed to be a “doily on the head” “help-meet” wife of […]