Did Church of the Living Word Violate OSHA at Shiloh In Kalona, Iowa?

This post was written specifically for my fellow survivors of The Church of the Living Word cult founded by John Robert Stevens on child labor, safety, and OSHA standards. But, this post is open to anyone wanting to learn about Heat safety and what teenagers can or cannot do in volunteer jobs or at church camp, feel free to read, share and bookmark this post for a start on family groups’ health and safety awareness. Did the Church of the Living Word Violate OSHA at Shiloh In Kalona, Iowa? I do not know. But, I’d like to find out why so many survivors have complained that they were young and worked long hard hours in the sun and heat as […]

Church of the Living Word CULT Posts on No Non-cents Nanna Under Current DDos Attack

Attention: the administrating Tech support for NoNon-centsNanna.com has issued a RED ALERT that this blog is under a DDoS attack. There is no danger to anyone visiting NoNon-centsNanna.com – it will simply be annoying to you. (See blog quote explanations below.) The post is in DARFT form at this current time. I contain NoNon-centsNanna.com Information Directory with clickable links to current posts on The Chruch of the Living Word cult, The Walk, and Shiloh at Kalona Iowa, founded by John Robert Stevens Please feel free to share on social media to get the word out to legitimate survivors of this toxic religious organization. As the author and very vocal advocate for the survivors of the religious cult The Church of […]

The Walk Cult: “Who invited all these Tacky People?”

This post is for all the babies born into the former cult known as The Walk around the years 1973 to 1983 who need to know what drew so many of their parents and their parents’ contemporaries into the delusion of the Kingdom that was to come. This accounting is from my perspective as a young wife and mother who had grown up in the Christain Tabernacle with some good sense of moral standards and acceptable behavior of young Christian Women. Other cliques or sections of the Church of the Living Word cult, I’m sure will have different perceptions to tell. At some point in the early 70s, it seemed like I blinked. And when my eyes opened the atmosphere […]

Living Word Cult -Video Collection – part 3 Christian Church to Cult

I am a survivor of the Church of the Living Word Culf founded by the late John Robert Stevens. There – I said it! I am no longer afraid. It has taken me many decades to sort out, “How did Christian Tabernacle go from church to cult”? It turns out that I was not alone with post-traumatic stress from the “criminal” deeds of wolves in sheep clothing leaders of the Living Word. Family, friends, and loved ones were been torn apart all “in the name of Thy Kingdom Come”.     There are many other survivors as well who what to know more about how we got here from where this charismatic leader seduced innocent people into his web of […]