Watch Us Grow at Heart Felt Play Store

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Watch Us Grow at Heart Felt Play Store

Watch us grow at Heart Felt Play Store

For those of you who are new to No Non-cents Nanna blog and/ or Heart Felt Play Store allow me to introduce my self. I am baby boomer born in 1950 and raised in the best small town, ever, in Iowa. Some day I might write about my childhood creativity that influenced my philosophy for Heart Felt Play Store. (I’ll just say that I got into a lot of trouble using materials I should not have.)

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Looking for pre-k learning tools?
Check out the collections the kids will love. No Non-cents Nanna Heart Felt Play Store: buy fun kid theme collections that you can’t get just anywhere 

No Non-cents Nanna is one of the pen names that I, author Malika Bourne, go by. The Non-cents Nanna blog came into existence about 7 years ago when many Mommy Bloggers were taking over the internet. I wanted to share my experince as an old RN and early childhood educator. Well, making money on-line isn’t that easy and it is time consuming, especially is one happens to be the typo queen.

Nancy Bakehouse was the birth name of No Non-cents Nanna She practiced as an RN and related medical fields for 30 years/

I, the grandmother of 6, decided to open up a Shopify store to keep me busy doing something I had passion for while I stayed at home caring for a disabled adult child. At first I was going to sell hand-crafted stuff ofr kids similar many sell on Etsy but within the small niche for children ages 3 to 10 years old. I insist on my product having educational value and be affordable for most families)

After a while I learned that hand crafting for me was not cost effective. I already knew that I was creative AND messy. I could not keep up with my mess making. I then decided to begin closing out on my hand-crafted to focus on manufactured kids stuff like I had successful sold in a formerly owned shop In Iowa in the 1980’s. I made the perfect choice to make Heart Felt Play Store grow. ( Do you recall the old fable the Tortiose and the Hare?…Yep! That’s my store.)

Sophi-Do-It shows of troll-ish finger puppets new to Heart Felt Play Store

I am the only employee with the exception of my grand daughter and my technical support back up form my computer geek son. My youngest grandchild, Sophie-Do-It has been the model and side-kick from the beginning of the no-budget blogs; videos and now Heart Felt Play Store. We have had a slow, but, steady start with illness, a death in the family and moving. But, Heart Felt Play Store has survived these first two years of business when a high percentage of new small business fail.

Heart Felt Play Store operates on almost no budget to keep prices as affordable as I can for families with young children, without the business going broke. Well, I have done something right over the last 2 years… the store is adding more new product and continues to grow with dress-up clothes, sensory play, little incentive and rewards in kids favorite learning themes 

Sophi-Do-it models for some of my product. Most times I do Grab-the-Camera videos of Sophi-Do-It exploring the product like a normal kids would do. Pretty much my photos and vidoes are COME AS YOU ARE. Heart Felt Play Store product was never meant to be fancy, but, fun to encourage a growing childs’ imagination. My goal is to help busy teachers on very small budget gather cool learning incentives within the boundaries of my NO NON-CENTS attitude. ( I have always been loved for being strict with the kids, but, so much fun when they follow the rules.)

Sophie-Do-It modles new manufactured dinsoaur tails and foam dinosaur mask for Heart Felt Play Store

New additions to Heart Felt play Store:

  • manufactured dinosaur tails
  • hand spinner fidgets
  • more temporary tattoos
  • more bracelets for themes; Moana; under the Sea
  • coming in August are dinosaur excavation kits.

To view an alphabetized list of current Heart Felt Play Store products click HERE.

Please note:

  • Stock is limited (Keeps costs most affordable for family budgets)
  • Sells in smaller quantities so home school moms or pre-k teachers do not have to buy a gross. Please ask if a different quantitiy is needed. I will work with you with in reason, but the reserve the right to make my own No Non-cents Nanna rules.
  • Plan ahead and order early
  • Feel free to communicate with store owner, me, the No Non-cents Nanna.
  • Note, Heart Felt Play Store has no staff standing by. I will personally get back to you as soon as possible to address your needs. (I am rude to scammers, but I love my customers.)

Heart Felt thank you for stopping by. Just because you took the time to scroll through my old fashioned message I have a gift for you. Type in the following discount Code for $5 off a minimum purchase of $25. Note: Only one use of this code per email. But, feel free to share the Code with your family and friends. Not valid with any other discount code. The system tracks the emails. Any problems promptly use the CONTACT form. I, Malika Bourne will get back to you asap. Leave a phone # and I will personally call you back. Copy and or type in the code below at time of check out. You final total after discount will magically appear.

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Original Post: Watch Us Grow at Heart Felt Play Store
Watch Us Grow at Heart Felt Play Store