How Murphy’s Law Got me to Start a New Business of Selling Pre-paid Legal Memberships

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How Murphy’s Law Got me to Start a New Business of Selling Pre-paid Legal Memberships

It seems I practice Murphy’s Law and I don’t even have a Legal degree. What can go wrong will and will mess up your finances or health if you don’t get legal advice..

I am very good educated person whom was never prepared for everything that comes with life. You get the good with the bad.

Around 2003 I was approached by some one selling Legal Shield. I dismissed her saying, “I will never need a lawyer for a drunk diriving court dateI don’t drink and I don’t drive, thank you very much! I am a law abiding American.”

The Legal Shield associate and I went on the chat about how things were going for me being the divorced mother of a 20 year old female soldier on her way to her first deployment in Iraq. I was her family support plan for her pre-school child in a state far away from my own support system.

As this nice sales woman and I chatted I realized that I had needed a ton of legal advice for chronic landlord/ tenant issues; a phone stalker; …but did not qualify for Legal Aid…. I was tapped out financailly after helping one of my children pay for a lawyer for an uncontested divorce in a domsetic violence situation. I had been thinking about changing my name…

My daugher’s army boots.


The woman had listened quietly to my overwhelm….

“Would you be willing to give me just 10 minutes to show you the Legal Shield Plan that would cover you and your daughter? I am sure you will be interested to know it is less than $20 a month versus $200+ an hour that I had paid for legal council.

CAC-HING! I did some quick math in my head, but, still did not believe she had any thing I wanted….

..well, after reading the brochure and asking a lot of questions I had my self a Legal Shield membership… 

…and never regretted it the best memembership I ever signed up for. 

  • I was not pressured to join.
  • I was not promised any thing that was not delivered. In fact I gor far more than I could have imagined.
  • I simply saw the tremendous savings for my limited budget and saving of my nerves should anything else bad happen that I need legal advice on.. and boy oh, boy have I leaned on those legal shoulders for even trival matters that could have cost me an arm and leg if I made an uniformed decision.

( Example a car purchase contract, traffic ticket Tthere is phone ap for that), or a business ripping you off. Call your Legal Shield provider or use the ap on your phone you can get with your membership.)

Yes , I am self promoting my new business with my personal story. I know you can relate to some of the same sticky situations to in your own way.

What do you do when you can not trust the nursing agency staff? Call a lawyer..

I don’t want to think of how many times I have contacted Legal Shield, paying nothing more than my monthly membership and got legal advice or a strongly worded letter sent to some one who was in the wrong. ( Nursing Agency fruadulant billing or CNA’s who were stealing from my son; I got advice about changing my married name to my pen name…I knew who I was going to call! Legal Shield!)

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Most recently I was able to break my lease from a rapidly deteriorating apartment complex. That letter was part of my membership contract. Many of our neighbors were moving out in the middle of the night with out forwarding address. I know from reading up on the lnd lord tenant laws that their choice would come back to bite them in the behind, altho, I don’t blame them. I am pleased to say that my wheelchair dependant son and I broke our lease legally without fan fare then moved to a very nice ADA compliant safe home.

BTW: the flooded hall was sewer water. I won’t share the raw sewage image that had back up into my bathtub and dishwasher full of dishes, nor the mold that grows. I can’t share the loud music at all hours of the night nor the drug needles dropped around the piles and piles of dog poop… nor the blood on the dirty carpet steps from one of our neighobrs getting shoot by a ricochetting bullet that was never cleaned up last I knew… pretty disgusting and unsafe…

…I”ll stop with the complaints, but, I know my words ring a bell with many Facebook private group folks. I was suggesting to many unhappy local renters to get affordable Legal Shield memberships like I have.

Last week I was exploring the new neighborhood when I walked past the Legal Shield Success Center. I immediately thought about the fact that I had not taken advantage of my Legal Shield membership plan perk of updating my Will. So I dropped in unnannounced to ask if they did the will preperation seminars that I had been missing.

Turns out that I talked to a woman who have been a Legal Shield Associate for 16 years. She had rented an office space for one of the few associate offices. ( Most associates simply work from home.) She was doing so well as an associate selling the membership taht she was able to stop doing her first small business…

GOOSE BUMPS….and she looks a lot like the woman who signed me up for Legal Shield years ago. We will have to research it to see if Andrea was the associate who signed me up. I don’t remember her name.

Above is one of many true No Non-cents Nanna ‘s personal stories. Below is a self promo for my new business, a 2nd business.

Announcing Malika Bourne’s new Business adventure

No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store is still alive and well, with Small Business a Legal Shield small business membership plan in case I have llegal questions during the on-line store’s growth.

I decided to sign up to be a Legal Shield Associate on the spot when I learned that I could have been making money everytime I sent people to another associate for Legal Shield membership. YIKES!

I just did not pay attention as the company grew and added perks. I am paying attention now to all the benefits I have for a few bucks a month and I want you to know, too. I can’t afford not to have Legal Shield. can you?

I also learned I could have been using my membership to get maybe $2,000 a year in saving discounts at place I do business from… Double YIKES!

  • I am not a lawyer, but a messenger sharing a message on how good folks like me can find peace of mind knowing they can also have pre-paid legal advice 24/7 from like I have. There is also a great earning potentilal as well. The choice is yours.

OK , I always write way to much…so here is the link to my Legal Shield associate website.


  • Once you have explored the possiblities and potential, feel free to contact me by using the contact form, by email or phone call.



…simply click the JOIN button from my Legal Shield associate website… It’s easy!

My very experienced associate will be standing by to assist me in my new role as a new Legal Shield Associate if you chose to ask me questions personally… I am here for you as a messenger of a life changing message. I certainly I am very experienced at being a member who can relate to your needs. Legal Shield also has many fine, short informational videos as well. You and I don’t even have to live in the same town or state.

  • – You decide what is best for you.



Original Post: How Murphy’s Law Got me to Start a New Business of Selling Pre-paid Legal Memberships
How Murphy’s Law Got me to Start a New Business of Selling Pre-paid Legal Memberships