Kids Will Love Exclusive New T-shirt Designs coming to Heart Felt Play Store

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Kids Will Love Exclusive New T-shirt Designs coming to Heart Felt Play Store

What will your chid wear with a pair of cat ears, dinosaur tail or cow bandanna or horse visor? How about an exclusive T-shirt from Heart Felt Play Store that is so new it is not off the silk screen press yet? You heard about the new T-shirt before any one else has.

Images available in early October. Grown up size T-shirts may be special ordered for a few extra dollars and a few extra days. allow up to 2 weeks, but may be less depending on the weather.

Discontinued Black cat T-shirt, hand-crafted curly black cat tail with foam black and white cat mask for the kids dress-up closet. hand crated T-shirt will be repalced by a very nice printed cat T-shirt in several colors. See post for updates.

The kids are going to love the new exclusive T-shirts coming soon to No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store just in time for very affordable Halloween T-shirt / masks or ears and tails costumes. These T-shirts can be worn every day of the year between washings. 

Cat ears currently sold in set of 3, but will be sold seperately by the end of September.


Read the quote below announcing the incoming T-shirt Collection or simply click and read the T-shirt collection page in Heart Felt Play store catalog. Be sure to EXPLORE the STORE then bookmark it for future use.

Cow bandana for a carry in your pocket Halloween costume. Heart Felt Play Store. Black cow spot on white T-shirt will be available soon. Reserve your today and get rewarded in BEANS.

Animals ears and tails are already in stock. Not ready to order today? No problem. Contact Heart Felt Play Store to strat you wish List. No obligation, but you iwll still recieve COOL BEANS rewards for your input to use on a future order when the time is right for yOU.

Animal printedT-shirts sets available soon in time for Halloween but wear these T-shirts that coordinate with the animals masks, ears and tails offered for sale at very affordable prices in Heart Felt Play Store collections. No images are available, yet.

Dinosuar:Cat, Dog,Tiger, Zebra, Monkey; and more…Nanna is thinking also of girl bikini top print design to go with mermaid talls and even a tattoo T-shirt for the boys. with a T-shirt the kid’s skin will be covered.

YOUR input is needed. Please use the contact form to let us know what animals you may be interested in for dress-up T-shirts the kids will able to wear evey day if they want. You will be rewarded with COOL BEANS for your thoughts.

You are wondering if the prices will be affordable or not, aren’t you? the price will all depend on how much ink goes into the design. No Non-cents Nanna is still negotiating on her exclusive designs. I promise you the first shirts will $19.99 or less. You input is requested…get rewarded with COOL BEANS for your thoughts when you submit your wishes by 9/25/2017. No obligation to help Heart Felt Play Store grow.

No Non-cents Nanna had to stop crafting most items due to finger injuries. There will be a final close out on all handcrafted t-shirts to make room for newly designed printed T-shirts (Hanes) from our long time trusted source for our other dramatic play/ dress-up clothes.

More images to be pubished on or around 9/23/17 for all T-shirts left in stock from the former local brikck and mortar store Heart Felt Play Store was a vendor in late 2016.

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Original Post: Kids Will Love Exclusive New T-shirt Designs coming to Heart Felt Play Store
Kids Will Love Exclusive New T-shirt Designs coming to Heart Felt Play Store