You Got Snail Mail Kids from Heart Felt Play Store

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You Got Snail Mail Kids from Heart Felt Play Store

Flash Back to to Past when getting mail was still fun. Mom and Dad, do you remember when Grandma used to mail a birthday card or a letter addressed to you?

Keep reading about a new service from Heart Felt Play Store: You Got Snail Mail Kids!


You Got Snail Mai Kids is flash back to the past when kids got letters and cards from Grandma. Now parents can buyt the service that includes stickers or temporary tattoos from Heart Felt Play Store -see post for details

This post is a near duplicate of catalog description on Heart Felt Play Store catalog page.


Kids need to experience the fun of opening mail addressed to them. Parents, wouldn’t you like to get mail that is not a bill? YOU GOT SNAIL MAIL is what you have been waiting for.

No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store is bit old fashioned. She believes kids need to continue to experience recieving the old fashioned Snail Mail with their name on the envelope.

How it will work:

Click HERE for Heart Felt Play Store catalog page You Got Snail Mail Kids!

Kids will welcome this set of 6 cute Summer Time Bug Tattoos. These bug won’t bite nor eat your picnic food.
Six different adorable cartoon bug designs per set are perfect for summer school class room rewards. Available from Heart Felt Play Store- will mail in envelope with parents request addressed to child. Many more fun designs are available Inventory is limited an subject to cahnge.

  1. The stickers, tattoos or other little goodies will be priced to cover the price of the product and all mailing supplies fees.
  2. Prices will start at $2. Other pages will be added later.
  3. Availability of the themes will change- all inventory in Heart Felt Play Store is limited. Viral items can sell out very quickly- so grab it when you see it or it may not be in stock later. See is an example above of current stickers in stock.
  4. Book mark this blog post page for current sellection of the $2 orders. Fun sticker or tattoo designs will be accepted at random by store owner unless other wise requested by parent.
  5. Parents will be able to order and pay for up to one month of You Got Snail Mail Kids! Buy 1 set for one Snail Mail order of stickers. Or buy 2 sets to be sent 2 weeks apart. Or buy 4 sets-a different set to be sent each week for the next 30 days or more than one child? Be sure to make it easy for No Non-cnets Nanna know who is on the sit for Snail Mail. ( Heart Felt Play Store reserves the right to re-word for clarity. Got questions? Please start the conversation by using the Contact Form on any Heart Felt Play Store cataog page.)
  6. Parents will need to use the CONTACT form on any Heart Felt Play Store catalog page to start the conversation PRIOR to completing the order. Allow at least one business day for a personal responce.
  7. There will be a letter addressed to your child with some fun lunch box jokes and such. How fun is that?
  8. Once the order is ready parents will recieve order confirmation along with photo via email of the contents with the addressed envelope to be expected. This is done for safety.
  9. By ordering you agee to the terms of service of Heart Felt Play Store

For parents who spend over $30 in 2017, tell No Non-cents Nanna birthdates for a FREE birthday card fo rno extra charge… and don’t forget the extra COOL BEANS rewards.

Your privacy will be respected. No personal information will ever be shared with any one!

Parents you wish to write a review and send in photos to post will be rewarded with COOL BEANS. All images must protect the identity of the child. and approved by Heart Felt Play Store owner, Malika Bourne.

This is a frugal advertising promotion for Heart Felt Play Store.

No Non-cents Nanna is proud member of the BBB in Colorado Springs, Colorado..

Heart Felt Play Store Customers Will Get Just Rewards in BEANS

Original Post: You Got Snail Mail Kids from Heart Felt Play Store
You Got Snail Mail Kids from Heart Felt Play Store

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