Why Giving Tuesday and NO Black Friday for this Store?

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Why Giving Tuesday and NO Black Friday for this Store?

I don’t know about you, but I get hyper-excited about Black Friday/ Cyber Monday frenzy altho’ I have never ever stood in line on Black Friday, nor shopped the biggest shopping day of the year. I always sleep in AND I plan on sleeping in again this year.

This year, 2017 as No Non-cents Nanna’s on-line Heart Felt Play Store is approaching it’s 2nd Black Friday/ Cyber Monday it is decided to temporarily close shop for Black Friday.

Heart Felt Play Store will be CLOSED BLACK FRIDAY / Cyber Monday. See post for deails how to get Giving Tuesdays discount codes for the rest of the year when YOU are ready to buy.

Instead of getting burried with Black Friday, our tiny home operated on-line store will begin offering our loyal customers Giving Tuesday Discounts…keep reading…for how to get the best deals of the year from Heart Felt Play Store where our customers are treated like family.


Heart Felt Play Store IS different from the rest….

No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store is a one grandma operation supported by family. We can not compete with drastic discount craziness. We simply do not have the inventory, nor staff. This year as we are still growing. But, we do want to offer our small niche of customers something special as our way of saying thank for growing with us.

Why will Heart Felt Play Store not in open for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday?

Heart Felt Play Store will be CLOSED Black Friday/ Cyber Monday to recover from an Operation. See post for details on
#GivingTuesday for discount codes #BlackFriday #CyberMonday

This one grandma needs a little surgical repair that will finally happen around Thanksgiving time. Heart Felt Play Store owner, Maliks Bourne, the No Non-cents Nanna, would rather have family serve her chicken soup in in bed then to delegate the store during the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday frenzy. Besides, we don’t sell last years model of electronics that people will stand in line for all night, any way.


How to Get the Piece of Black Friday Pie for YOU!

Get your piece of the PIE from Heart Felt Play Store- will be CLosED #BlackFriday #CyberMonday. https://heartfeltplaystore.nononcentsnanna.com/ Join emial list for you Piece of Pie. -see post

Become a Preferred Customer by signing up for our email list by Visit our Heart Felt Play Store catalog page. https://heartfeltplaystore.nononcentsnanna.com/

Your privacy is ALWAYS respected as we want our families privacy respected.


Heart Felt Play Store preferrred customers get Giving Tuesdays Money Saving discount CODES to use only on select Tuesdays. Get on the email list today. https://heartfeltplaystore.nononcentsnanna.com/

Heart Felt Play Store doesn’t send out emails too often, but, you will want to get the upcoming emails for exclusive Preferred Customer discount codes to use on most up coming Tuesdays : “GIVING TUESDAYS”.

  1. Offers will be for 24 hours only on most Tuesdays to use up to the first Tuesday in December. (COOL BEANS can not be used with theses codes.) giving Tuesdays will continue into 2018.
  2. Minimum order amounts will get FREE SHIPPING and Priority Mail.
  3. COOL BEANS birthday rewards will be really big for those who reveal the birthdates. ( We won;t tell anyone how old you are nor share your personal information.)
  4. Early Birds will get SAVINGS CODES for future GIVING TUESDAYs in 2018.
  5. Our preferred customers will be able to share discounts codes with family and friends to use all year around when the actually need to buy for a kids favorite theme play rather than on the biggest shopping day of the year.


Heart Felt Play Store FREE shipping code expires October 31, 2017 -see post for details updates and link to #heartFeltPlayStore https://heartfeltplaystore.nononcentsnanna.com/

Verbose details:

  • Our product, fun stuff for kids with an educational twist in kids favortie themes are products families plan for in their budget at the right time.
  • Trending marketing styles use URGENCY to push sales. No Non-cents Nanna prefers to not push Heart Felt Play Store customers. Instead, we want to let parents and teachers know we are here for you when you need the service and product you need when you need it. Tho’ our product line is still growing with our small business budget, we are more than happy to work with any one to add to our product line for you to purchase in the smaller quantities tha you need We woudl like to save you time and money so you don;t have to run aorund 27 places to find the theme items for the kids party or Christmas stocking they really want..

Now is the time to start collecting and hoarding the best stocking stuffers with an educational twist for kids. Preferred customers get Giving Tuesday discount codes Get on our email list today https://heartfeltplaystore.nononcentsnanna.com/


  • Feel free to start the conversation by using the contact form on any catalog page. Nanna will Talk Turkey about collection what you need to make a birthday party or learning theme complete at as affordable prices as possbile. ( As long as it is before Thanksgiving time before medical leave.) https://heartfeltplaystore.nononcentsnanna.com/

PS: No Non-cents Nanna is working on Holiday Gift Boxes almost ready for gift wrapping. TBA

No Non-cents Nanna , author of this blog, is the sole proprietor of No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store, a division of More & More. This post is an advertisment/ support for No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store a Shopify merchant.


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Original Post: Why Giving Tuesday and NO Black Friday for this Store?
Why Giving Tuesday and NO Black Friday for this Store?
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