Small Business Saturday FREE Kids Crafts at Tantrums in Colorado Springs

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Small Business Saturday FREE Kids Crafts at Tantrums in Colorado Springs

Yesterday, Small Business Saturday, I had the pleasure ( volunteer) to help kids do free crafts at Tantrums Kid Consignment in Colorado Springs while moms and dads shopped in the store for great bargains on kids clothes. I had fun. I think the kids enojyed having something on their level to do while mom, grandma and a few dads shopped.

I don’t have the time as much as would like to pay it forward by volunteering in the community, too often any more. But, when Courtney the owner of TANTRUMS Kids Consignment in Colorado Springs asked me if I would consider helping with FREE CRAFTS for the kids on Small Business Saturday I jumped at the opportunity to help a small business and give something special to parents – a chance to shop for the kids without the kids seeing what they were buying.

Scraps for free crafts for kids wihile parents shopped at Tantrums Kids consighment on #SmallBusinessSaturday by @NoNoncentsNanna #kidcrafts #Tantrums #ColoradoSprings

Most kids love to create something from even scraps. I took a containers of ribbons scraps; paper bags; abc stamps; glue an a formica samples for the kidss to work with.

For privacy sake I did not take any photos during Crafts Time. But, I did take a picture of the cool supplies I brought for the kids to create with.


Hugs to the kids I met at Tantrums:

No Non-cents Nanna

I purchase all these fun books , a doll and dress for my youngest grand child, Sophie-Do-It. ( No Non-cents Nanna’s followers have watched Sophie-Do-It grow up in images on this blog.)

Great finds for kids at small business in Colorado Springs #Tantrums #kidsconsignment ##smallbusiness #ColoradoSprings #budget #kidsclothes

EXTRA Thoughts on Small Business

Why purchase from kids consignment stores?

Families with small kids who are growing out of their clothes all too quickly, you may want to consider finding a Kids Consignment Store.

Below are 5 reasons why I loved to shop at kids consignment store when my chidren were young.

  1. The low-low prices on gently worn clothes and select books and toys. If you luck out you CAN find brand new clothes, too.
  2. The variety to choose from is a fun treasure hunt. ( You never know what you will find.)
  3. Many clothes have only been worn and washed a few times before another child outgrew them.
  4. Almost FREE: Since I took in my kids gently worn (unstained) * clothes to sell I would have a working credit to use when my kids needed new clothes. (Keep in mind every consignment store as it own rules and method of payment.)
  5. I supported another local small business.

Thrift shops including consignment store are subject to regulations. 

  • Can not accept nor sell known RECALLED items.
  • Will not accept dirty clothes
  • Pay sale taxes on merchandise sold
  • Have appropriate business licences to sell
  • Don’t be offended when consignment owners REJECT what you want to sell. An experienced consignment owner KNOW what their customers will or will not buy and what price the market will bear during what season.
  • Business is feast for famine that is not always predicable. What you want to sell on consignment is affected by the trending consumer habits.

Why not have a GARGE SALE?

Well, sure, you may consider a garage sale to get rid of out grown toys, cothes and furnture. But, there are a few things to consider.

  1. Does your town/ city require a permit for a limited amount of GARAGE SALES? (I’m not joking. Call your CITY offices. )
  2. What will the weather be on the day of your yard/ garage sale? People may not venture out on the day of your sale no matter how hard o worked on getting ready.
  3. Will you have enough cash to make change? Unless you have a business ap you won;t be taking credit cards and paying all those extra fees.
  4. There is risk and liablity with RECALLED or unsafe items.( Research this on your own specifically to where you live.)
  5. Does your home have any zoning restrictions or activity restrictions? For example: Home Owner Association bi-laws?
  6. Do you know at what point your garge sale money turns into income tax reportable income? (On that note: at what amount of slaes turns your craft hobby into tax reportable income? don;t ask me and don;t ask the gal on Facebook. Do the research yourself from official sources. Yes, there are people who have LOST eveyrthing becasue they SOLL too much out of theri homes with out the proper licences; permits; lack of reporting properly.

Personally, I choose to live in an apartment building, now that my children are grown. Apartment dwellers should not have strangers coming and going bothering the neighbors. personal space unless mangement has given permission for a community effort..(There is HUGE insurance liability for owners.)

Is your On-line Shopping Hurting Your Home Town Small Business?

Original Post: Small Business Saturday FREE Kids Crafts at Tantrums in Colorado Springs
Small Business Saturday FREE Kids Crafts at Tantrums in Colorado Springs