Six year Old Learns Nanna’s Business

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Six year Old Learns Nanna’s Business

This weekend my youngest grand daughter and I accomplished a new goal: a milestone for our family business, Heart Felt Play Store.

I’ve always involved my kids and grand kids in what I have done for a living. Now, I’m pretty excited about the new learning experience for the first grader in our family.

  • In 2012 I began writing a blog and other writings under the pen name of the No Non-cents Nanna . The now 6 years old had been the my model and the main character in my grand-motherly philosophies since she was baby. (No Non-cents Nannas’ High Chair Safety video where our Sophi-Do-it was the star is posted below.)

Heart Felt Play Store’s modle Sophie-Do-It. has been a model for No Non-cents Nanna’s blog since she was very small.

  • In 2015 I opened No Non-cents Nanna’s small crafting business doing local events.
  • In late November I began an on-line shop with Shopify DBA No Non-cents Nanna.
  • My inspiration and model was Sophie-Do-It, The little girl who had been growing up in photos on my blog pages. ( My grand daughter was so stuborn about doing a few things she really needed to acomplish. One day I traced her body shape on a big pice of card board. Her shape became the pattern for a 40″ stuffed felt doll name Sophie-Do-It Doll. The real Sophie was charged with teaching the doll how to do many new tasks. YES, No Non-cents Nanna will make a Shophi-Do-It Doll for your child. Just ask via the contact form on any Heart Felt Play Store catalog. page.)

No Non-cents Nanna Sophie-Do-it have a spot of tea. Grand mother involves grand child in Heart Felt Play Store business

  • A few months after No Non-cents Nanna opened on Shopify store was up and running, Sophi-Do -It inspired a name change to No Non-cents Nanna’s “Heart Felt Play Store”. She was merrily drawing hearts on everything she could including little pieces of felt. ( Hearts…Felt..get it? heart -felt) I have always told Shopie that she is my business partner. To her, that means we are RICH! And we are “rich” in love.

Sophie-Do-It learns to sew. 4 year old turned a heart shaped pillow cover right side out; filled with stuffing then sewed the opening close. Of course it looked like a 4 year old sewed the pillow…and No Non-cents Nanna is so proud!


,Heart Felt Play Store, the on-line shope is approaching it’s 2nd year in business. Sophi-Do-It had always inspired my craft- making. I had to stop crafting, that’s another story. I involved Sophie-Do-It in giving her child-like opnion on what to order. She has been my product tester of all crafted and manufactured goods “we” now sell on-line at Heart Felt Play Store.


Heart Felt Play Store’s very own Sophie-Do_it gets to be a product tester for the on-line store.

Last Friday night after I had settled in for the night, a new order came in.(Heart Felt Play Store is still a tiny in home, low volume, small inventory, one-grandma operated shop.) The timing of of orders had never been so good as this order from Jen in MI. Now was the time to get Sophie involved in the entire order fullfillment process. The post office did not open until 9 AM anyway.

Having an on-line store leaves store owner the freedom to work around being a full time caregiver of an adult child.

Our Saturday morning routine is for my daughter to come in to help me take care of her older brother who is disabled from MS. While my daughter does the caregiving I get to go to skating lessons with Sophie. We had just enough time before skate lessons to pack the order. Sophie-Do-It DID IT ALL, sort of..with lot of my supervision.

No Non-cents Nanna takes a time out from wo rk.At the skating rink with Sophi-Do-It

Full Filling Orders from our Heart Felt Play Store Home is a Learning Experience.

  • Reviewed the order.(Sophie looked at the image while I read it.
  • Printed the order: (Shopie pressed the black button, then watched the printing spit out the paper

Heart Felt Play Store behind the scnece. Each order is personally reviewed by Heart Felt Play Store owner before hand packaging every order.

  • Sophie counted out a dozen dinosaur masks. 2 piles of 6 each.
  • Sophie-Do-it wrapped colorful tissue paper around each of the 2 sets of masks. She selected the color of paper.
  • This order qualified for a mystery gift. I let Sophie-Do-It, pick the gift. This customer made out real good as Sophie picked a dozen dinosaur notepads. I had planned Shine an Reveal book. Sophie said, “I hope the kids like the gift I picked out. Will they tell me if they like it?”


Dinosaur masks are the hottest item at Heart Felt Play Store

  • Sophie-Do-It picked out the stickers to adhere to the tissue, the invoice and the envelope. She watched me take a photo of the merchandise that I send to my customers when it is mailed.
  • I always sign the invoice or reciept. Today…I’m tearing up…I asked Sophie to sign her name as well. I wish I could have captured the look her face when I said that her name belongs on the note to our customer. My grand child is learning early about the little extras in our customer service.
  • My fingers are injured and splinted, so I couldn’t hold the pen. I usually hand address the envelopes. Heart Felt Play Store is only a small shop, so I want give the persoanl touch and save every one pennies by not using a label. I asked my daughter to address the envelope for me. But Sophie -Do-It got to put the return lable on the package.
  • About 5 minutes to 9, Sophie-Do-it and I walked to the post office. It is only a block or 2 away.
  • We stood in line waiting for the package to be weighed. (Generally When we go skating, Sophie tries to avoid telling the guy behind the counter what size of skates she needs by indignantly stating. “I’M SHY!” But while in line at the post office doing our business, I kindly but firmly told her that as business partner she would have to tell the postal clerk that we wanted to mail this pacakge. Sophie-DID IT! She stepped right up to that counter and said, “I want to mail this, please.” YAY! Shophie-DID-IT!

Learning the business from the ground up…

I’m not sure who was most proud of accomplishing this new milestone.

  • Sophie-Do-It was so proud of being a store owenr. (She doesn’t know the word entrpeneur,yet, )
  • My daugter was so pleased with her daughter’s willingness to do something new.
  • My buttons were bursting and eyes were blurred with tears knowing that my grand child has learned so many new skills today

My daughter picked us up from the Post Office to drive us to the skate rink. After we buckeled up I turned to Sophi-Do-It. to say, “Oops! I almost forgot your pay check.”

Sophie knows her older sister , a high school senior, has a part time job and gets a pay check.I figured I had better give Sophie something for working. I fished around for change in the bottom of my bag. I came up with 2 cents. Putting those 2 pennies in that little girls hand was like handing over a million bucks in that child’s mind.

Sophie-Do-it had her own money to put in Penny the Pony when we went grocery shopping later.

What do you think, parent and grand parents about natural learning experiences with the kids?

Words of Wisdom from Heart Felt Play Store Child Model

Original Post: Six year Old Learns Nanna’s Business
Six year Old Learns Nanna’s Business