Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids Public Facebook Event· Hosted by Heart Felt Play Store

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Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids Public Facebook Event· Hosted by Heart Felt Play Store

Do you love it when the kids love learning with dinosaurs?

 Heart Felt Play Store invites you to join Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids Public Facebook Event May 6 to May 19.
Are you always looking ideas for dinosaur games: dinosaur activities or dinosaur party favors?
Want to participate as a volunteer to voice your opinion on dinosaur themes for kids? Do you like to little prizes? Sign in for the event today! *

Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids May 6 to May 19 2017
Public Event on Facebook Hosted by Heart Felt Play Store
Random drawings. prizes and discount for Heart Felt Play Store for active participants Join event today to recieve event reminder

Sign in today for the MAY 6 to May 19, 2017 Facebook event: particiate anytime during that 2 weeks period.

Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids Public Facebook Event  Hosted by Heart Felt Play Store to promote the on-line presence of this msal ‘one grandma owned and operated’ shoppe. Not: stok is limited but growing!


This poster will guide Heart Felt Play Store customers Note: no porduct is guaranteed to be in stock Stock is limited; Heart Fellt Play Store is a one Nanna operation. Always order 2 to 3 weeks in advance of your special party/ event. https://heartfeltplaystore.nononcentsnanna.com/products/dinosaur-mask-set

 Join Facebook Event today:

 Invite your child’s pre-shool and kindergarten teachers. No Non-cents Nanna will share links to FREE downloads for dinosaur games and activities: arts and craft ideas: book titles and more through out the 2 weeks time. ( See Pinterest Board Dinosaur Dig )
 No Non-cents Nanna will offer limited time Store discounts for participants to use or share. This would be a great time to help supply a pre-school teachers class room with some fun incentives or help you plan a dinosaur party on a budget. ( Upcoming Facebook events: Animals: Pirates and Princesses and more…)

 Here’s the deal about Heart Felt Play Store Facebook Events:

A Facebook Event is a fun way to promote No Non-cents Nanna’s tiny one-grandma on-line store. No Non-cents Nanna will listen to your wants and needs for kids activity supplies that you may not have the time to gather up for a lesson or a party.

Parents, grand parents and teachers of kids ages 3 to 9 may voice their opinions about what kinds of things they want to have available for learning experiences for their child’s growth and developement, yet, not break the bank.

You have a unique opportunity to interact with the owner of No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store, Malika Bourne. You can play a vital role in this fast growing on-line business with very special niche; fun stuff for the kids with an education twist affordable prices.

*The more potential customers interact in the polls and the more sales that are generated the more the little prizes and discounts can be offered. So, feel free to share the invitation.

Heart Felt Play Store will be randomly offering dress-up boxes of other child favorite themes at ridiculousyl low prices ( local retail inventory reduction). First come first served.

Heart Felt Play Store is FUN . Not Fancy. See Heart Felt Play Store on Facbook for current Facebook Events where you can voice your opinion on kids play activities, party themes and maybe win a little prize for kiddos or get a discount code for you favorite things to buy from Heart Felt Play store.

Privacy protected:

Your private information will NEVER to shared. You will not be spamed.

Participants in the United States will be asked to PM Malika Bourne to be eligable to receive little prizes in the mail. Also, participants will be asked for email address to recieve discounts specially created for your wishes from Heart Felt Play Store.

At this time Heart Felt Play Store only accepts order from US residents only. Prize winners are limited to US residents only. Example of a prize: dinosaur tattoos (temporary). In order to qualify for a prize you must follow directions and participate in required easy surveys. There will be CAP in the number of prizes person. All mailings will go out after the 2 weeks event has ended. (For those who order during the event prizes will go out with order,)

*As always No Non-cents Nanna’s rules apply.

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    May 6 – May 19
    May 6 at 2 PM to May 19 at 5 PM MDT
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Original Post: Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids Public Facebook Event· Hosted by Heart Felt Play Store
Rate Dinosaur Stuff for Kids Public Facebook Event· Hosted by Heart Felt Play Store
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