Kids Dress-up Clothes Worn by a Dummy: You Save $ale

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Kids Dress-up Clothes Worn by a Dummy: You Save $ale

Heart Felt Play Store will be selling exclusivley on-line as of February 15, 2017.

Take advantage of this huge Worn by a Dummy Inventory Sell-off of former show room display of hand-crafted kids’ dress-up clothes, and more, for huge savings! Many T-shirts, hats, dinosaur tails, tutus and more were worn by the Shopie-Do-It Doll dummies.

Keep reading for discount CODE to use on Heart Felt Play Store Worn by a Dummy Inventory Sell-off.

Heart Felt Play Store is your new “go to” shope for early childhood education themes. Watch us grow in 2017. About page:


New items published on Heart Felt Play Store, the on-line shoppe for early childhood play things, will NOT be sold at reduced prices. ONLY, the products that were on display in a local retail store.

All pre-school kids dramatic play T-shirts; masks; tailis; ears; skirts, play aprons and hats offered at drastically reduded prices will be sold via No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store on Shopify, only.

  • No holds.
  • No local pick-ups.
  • First come-first served
  • All sales are final and sold “as is”.
  • Shipping fees applied at check out.
  • United States customers only, please.

See something you like? Click on the image or link below to go directly to the catalog page on Heart Felt Play Store. browse the catalog you just might find somethingShipping fees and applicable taxes will be added at check out.

Don’t see what your 3 to 8 year old would like, yet? Stay in touch as the No Non-cents Nanna take more and more photographs to be published in the catalog. More images will be added daily then removed as soon as possible from all pages advertising this super savings event.

Browse the current inventory on No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store now. Feel free to share with early childhood educators adn young families who encourage sensory play.

Here is your money savings discount CODE to add on to the amazing savings

( WornByDummyNNN )

This code is valid for 20% off of ONE order on Heart Felt Play Store when your total at check out is equal to or above $50.00 before shipping fee or taxes.

Feel free to share this code with friends, family or teachers you know. Use it wisely as there are only 25 different people who can use this code only one time. Offer expires march 29, 2017.

…READY?…Let’s Shop!….

Black cat T-shirt, hand-crafted curly black cat tail with foam black and white cat mask for the kids dress-up closet.




Heart Felt Play Store Dinosaur Critter Cap has adjustable strap in back for one-size-fits-all unless you have a big head. Worn by a dummy inventory reduction sale.


Troll inspired headbands with pink tulle hair. Contrasting ribbons and floows with Heart Felt Play Store signature pink heart. buttons.

Please note: There were only 5 poppy pink Troll hair headbands remaining on display locally. Once these 5 display models have sold out on Worn by a Dummy Inventory Sell-off, all new one will go back to the regular price. No exceptions on this amazing sale price for display items only.


One of a kind dinosaur T-shirt. Felt dinosuar mits are included in Heart Felt Play Store WORN BY A DUMMY INVENTORY SELL-OFF SALE. Not guaranteed to be available. To be published on catalog on March 1 2017.


Dress-up Box Jungle T-shirts, Tails, Masks or Ears -Last Set. Worn by Dummy Inventory Sell-off.


More Worn By a Dummy Inventory to be published…

Original Post: Kids Dress-up Clothes Worn by a Dummy: You Save $ale
Kids Dress-up Clothes Worn by a Dummy: You Save $ale