Heart Felt Play Store Customers Will Get Just Rewards in BEANS

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Heart Felt Play Store Customers Will Get Just Rewards in BEANS

Heart Felt Play Store is DIFFERENT from the other on-line stores. Customer are treated like family and get rewarded with COOL BEANS by founder and owner Malika Bourne aka the No Non-cents Nanna!

Keep reading to learn a few of the No Non-cents Nanna Cool BEAN Rules and why Heart Felt Play Store is so different..

This post will be of most interest to parents, grandparents and teachers of children ages 3 to 10 years old To Explore Heart Felt Play Store click HERE


heart Felt Play Store foudner and owner No NOn-cents Nanna is DIFFERNT. She rewards you with BEANS! -see post for your jsus rewards details.

A portion of this email will be going out to previous Heart Felt Play Store customers offering them BEANS for referals and reviews. If you have just happened along this post, feel free to sign up for your just rewards in COOL BEANS today to get your extra saving rewards. Click HERE to go the Heart Felt Play Store catalog.

Founder and owner of Heart Felt Play Store, Malika Bourne the author of No Non-cents Nanna strives to treat customer like family by offering then COOL BEANS…BEANS a rewards program to loyal customers who are willing to pitch in to help keep prices affordable by coming back to shop and refering friends and family to the small one grandma on-line store, Heart Felt Play Store.

Cool BEANS rewards change from time to time, Labor Day weekend will have the best BEANS or the year.


Heart Felt Play Store social medai contact information. https://heartfeltplaystore.nononcentsnanna.com/collections/all

Heart Felt Greetings from Heart Felt Play Store!

You are receiving this email because you have previously shopped at Heart Felt Play Store. https://heartfeltplaystore.nononcentsnanna.com/collections/all

You are invited to help us grow and Get Your Just Rewards in BEANS for Labor Day Savings.

Some COOL BEANS value will change from time to time. Observing the Labor Day holiday in preparation for Halloween and Christmas Heart Felt Play Store is offering you an opportunity to earn a few more BEANS.

  • 100 Cool Beans are worth $1 in savings. NO CASH VALUE!

For every $1 you spend at Heart Felt Play Store you get 10 Cool BEANS*. Now the value can change from time to time, but once you earn it, it is yours even if the earning value changes. **

  • * Spend $20 or more in one order and you will earn 5 x’s the value in BEANS than a smaller under under $20.
  • **After 60 days of shopping inactivity 100 BEANS will be taken away. All BEANS expire after 365 days. ( Yep, I know inventory is still small. Please use the CONTACT FROM on any Heart Felt Play Store Catalog page to ask No Non-cents Nanna to PLEASE save your BEANS for a rainy day if you wish to request the automatic 60 days exception.)
  • Refer a Friend and get 500 Cool BEANS after their first purchase.
  • When a friend, you invited accepts your Cool Beans referral and follows the easy directions to join Heart Felt Play Store COOL BEANS they will earn 100 BEANS all for themselves in addition to the ____ current rate of BEANS rewards. (The first week of September is set for 250 BEANS.)

Now for the BIG BEAN enchilada! EARN 500 BEANS for a product review.

Heart Felt Play Store needs your images of you enjoying the product you purchased.

No Non-cents Nanna is too cheap to pay more than a few bucks for advertising ‘casue that would raise the prices you would have to pay. Wouldn’t you like to be rewarded for writing an honest review?

Here how it will work:

Since BEANS is still fairly new to Heart Felt Play Store we all want to be sure there are no BUGs in our BEANS system. Communication is crucial!

Post one review per purchase on No Non-cents Nanna Facebook page AND PM me, Malika Bourne founder and owner, that you have posted a review. I will be sure to make sure your get your 500 BEANS. Mind you, your one review must be from a legitimate customer. No cheating! There should be a fun photo attached. Your review can be good, bad or even ugly, but, it must be approved by admin. ( If UGLY, please let me know how it can be fixed.)


Email me at MalikaBourne2 @gmail.com your review and images along with a note stating you give me permission to post on No Non-cents Nanna blogs or the Heart Felt Play Store blog.

Remember 500 COOL BEANS is worth a whopping $5 in merchandise.

Watch us grow at Heart Felt Play Store? New product is added weekly/ monthly or as fast as I can photograph, write descriptions and edit typos. I work out of our home as I care for a disabled adult son and play with my grand children.

Yep, Heart Felt Play store is still too small. Make a WISH! Your WISHES can’t be granted unless you make a WISH!

Use the WISH LIST on the Heart Felt Play Store catalog page.

If No Non-cents Nanna decides to grant that WISH you will receive an exclusive discount code to purchase.

  • Target age is 3 to 10 years old. EVERY item must have an educational value and fit with in a current COLLECTION theme.
  • Heart Felt Play Store collections are purchased wholesale then broken up into smaller quantities so you don’t have to buy far more than you need.

Would you like to be notified of this potential inventory list and earn more BEANS for your thoughts? No obligation.

Allow me to treat you like family. I have BEANS cooking on the stove

Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna

Heart Felt Play Store


 While you are here Check out the ZOO hats and visors!

What makes Heart Felt Play Store so DIFFERENT?

PS: While of the subject fo being different here are few more things Heart Felt Play Store has learned to do to make your order more special just for you.

  1. Every order is personally reviewed for the SECURITY Level. The shipping/ handling fee is evaluated. (There are so many variables with each and every order that the auto shipping doesn’t always meet No Non-cents Nanna’s approval. If over charged, oner Malika Borune will refund a portion of shipping fee. If undercharged, no problem, you are covered.)
  2. Every order is now hand wrapepd with colorful tissue paper and a fun sticker. A picture is now being taken of your order and hand addresssed envelope or box. Sometimes, depending on No Non-cents Nanna’s mood and extra littel goodie is slipped in at no cahrge.
  3. All orders are walked to local Post office in Colorado Springs, Colorado ( an easy block away, now) to be mailed by the No Non-cents Nanna herself who takes a picture of the tracking receipt…the typo queen does enter the teracking number on the computorized order form…just in case of typo the tracking information image and the image of your order is emailed to you for all of our records. Does this give you peace of mind when ordering from an on-line store?
  4. Pretty much every Heart Felt Play Store customer is in the loop as theri order is being processed to ship.
  5. The target market for Heart Felt Play Store is primarily the 3 to 10 years olds. That is a very small group to focus on, generally “not worth it” for the big stores.

Now that is DIFFERENT! Malika Bourne the No NOn-cents Nanna wants to make shopping for kids speciall occasions and family affair.

Original Post: Heart Felt Play Store Customers Will Get Just Rewards in BEANS
Heart Felt Play Store Customers Will Get Just Rewards in BEANS
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