Health Care Crisis

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Health Care Crisis

As long as people can stay healthy... US Law Makers are attempting to balance the budget with disasterous health care cuts…every one will be OK…as long as you don’t be getting injured, get a chronic disease, or age.

Don’t be a vulnerable citizens of the United States. Our healthcare back up system medicaid is getting cut by law makers.

Don’t get sick don’t loose your job don’t grow old. If you loose priveate insrance and loose your job MEDICAID is being slashed. #StopTheGOPTaxScam

Please remember that life can turn on a dime and we ALL are aging every day.. Now there may not be a back up system as last case scenario in health care: Medicaid. ( Medicaid was supposed to be for the most vulnerable to get helath care- the last resort. medicaid is only what is left for the most needy. it seems some took too much advantage of the system so too many will may be punished.)

God forbid you get a dibilitating disease and can’t work.

Don’t even think about getting pregant and not having insurance either. Our law makers want to balance the budget versus caring for this country’s most vulnerable.


Congress are pursuing would be nothing short of a disaster for people with disabilities. The latest attack comes in the form of their partisan tax plan, which passed the House on November 16 and is set to be voted on in the Senate as soon as this week. –​ #TaxOnDisability #Medicaid, #Medicare, #Social Security, #housing

I have friends wanting quick information on what is going on with proposed health care cuts. In this post I quickly copied and pasted links to support my radical statements. I hope to get you started on becoming more informed on devasting laws currently on the floor.



Proposed Medicaid cuts ‘devastating’ for vulnerable people, panel says

Ann Abor News 

President Donald Trump has proposed a $4.1 trillion budget for 2018 that includes reducing spending on Medicaid by $800 billion over the next 10 years, the New York Times reports. The panelists estimated Monday the reduction in Medicaid funds would be around $700 billion.

This has a video

Senate Health Care Bill Includes Deep Cuts to Medicaid

Original Post: Health Care Crisis
Health Care Crisis