Cow, Pig, Horse Bandanas for Cheap Costumes

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Cow, Pig, Horse Bandanas for Cheap Costumes

Kids love to pretend to be farm animals while wearing a horse, cow, pig bandana from this Heart Felt Play Store Farm Animal Collection.

A bandana is so practical for the dress-up box, dramatic play or even a cheap Halloween costume that you could blow you nose on …I mean if you really need to…then hand wash it, please.

Horse Bandanas can make a fun and cheap Halloween costume or easy dramatic play derss-up box cothes. Heart Felt Play Store

You can buy this horse bandana from the Heart Felt pay Store Catalog Click HERE


This horse face bandana has “horse-play” written all over it!

Cow bandana for a carry in your pocket Halloween costume. Heart Felt Play Store


It’s OK to be “BOSSY”!

Kids or ‘kids at heart’ can wear this 20″ square black and cow face bandana with a pink nose to be “Bossy the Cow” at the next Farm Theme Birthday Party or keep face warm at out door play.

Just for fun wear to that Chickin’ place in mall food court. Will they give your free fillets?

…and bandanas are so affordable, too!


Pig bandana for the times in your life when you want to be a pig. Heart Felt Play Store

More farm related polyester bandanas bear cartoon faces of a horse and cow. See above.


  • To wear, simply fold the bandana in a triangle then tie behind the child’s head and you have a pretend cow ready to play on the farm.*
  • Bandanas are easy to lift up to munch on carrot or apple horse treats passed around in carrots shape cello favor bags. ( Also sold on Heat Felt Play Store.)
  • Lift the bandana to drink from a mini galvanized bucket also sold individually on Heart Felt Play Store.

Shipping fee and applicable taxes added at checkout. A single bandana may qualify for shipping in a letter envelope. Adjustments to over payment of shipping cost may be partialy refunded


 Note from the No Non-cents Nanna:

* Folks, be sure to always set limits with the kids. “Horse around” or “Boss” the other animals with in safe boundaries you state.

  • Dramatically playing a pig does not mean the kids get to roll in the mud.*

*Pigs are actually prefer to be clean. Pigs can not swaet like people and other animals- so they roll in mud only to cool off. As a parent you will want to share this inofrmation then state clear boundaries. See post- Do Chickens Have Lips? and Other Silly Things About Farm Animals on No Non-cents Nanna blog.

  • It is so nice when children share. However, I advice that children not share their bandanas after they have had them next to their mouths and noses. Be sure to write each student’s / guest’s name on their farm animal bandana.
  • After hand washing, then kids may trade bandanas.
  • Do you have a theme party coming up? Be sure to order 3 or more weeks in advance to allow for shipping and fullfilment re-stocking sold out items. Quantities are limited.
  • Feel free to communicate with Malika Bourne owner of Heart Felt Play Store just to be sure of availability for that special party.
  • Manufactured in China for OTC

Guaranteed satisfaction for these manufactured items. Please read shiping policies. Notify Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna’s founder/ owner of Heart Felt Play Store of any concerns or suggestions. Please allow up to as much as 5 days for response tho’ typically anwers come in a few hours.

All prices are subject to change.



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Original Post: Cow, Pig, Horse Bandanas for Cheap Costumes
Cow, Pig, Horse Bandanas for Cheap Costumes