Bug Mask Set of 6 DIY Craft Kits at Heart Felt Play Store

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Bug Mask Set of 6 DIY Craft Kits at Heart Felt Play Store

Future entomologists will have a hard time choosing just one cute foam bug mask from he set of 6 unique designs

HURRY!…last 2 sets of DIY bug masks craft in stock – prices have been SLASHED!

This image shows you what the packaged kits will look like; not the completed DIY projects that will vary somewhat with the child’s imagination.


DIY BUG Mask Craft set of 5 differnt bugs mask fo rkdis to make. Purchase from Heart Felt Play Store

Heart Felt Play Store packaged all 6 bug face masks designs in one set of 6. Sorry, Heart Felt Play Store will not break this sets up at this time. (Pirice reduction for last 2 in stock for the summer. Final season close out- now only $1.00 a piece while supply lasts.)

  1. Lady Bug
  2. Butterfly
  3. DragonFly
  4. Bee
  5. Grasshopper
  6. Spider

Warning! Small part. Not for chidlren under age 3. 

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Tip: have kids randomly pick their bug mask from a prize box. Or draw a number to decide which bug mask is these to make with their own two hands and a litle imagination.

What is summer time without a few critters of the bug kind? These colorful bug masks won’t sting as the kids craft the kit pieces their own way for bug theme birthday party or an insect theme summer school class theme.

Check catalog fo rmore bug stuff: stickers; party favor loot bags; plastic bugs and more.

  • bug craft
  • bug theme party favors
  • class room or fundraiser event theme reward
  • dress-up box

Each bug mask kit has self adhesive foam shaped pieces and an elastic band ( latex) to hold on the head. Sizes of complete crafts aproximatley 7″ to 8″ x 4 1/2″ to 7 1/4 ” all prepacked per colorful designs. No cutting. No gluing for fun project on a summer day.

Wipe clean with soft damp clothe and disenfectant as needed or between use.


Warning: Not intended for children under age 3. Child could bite off foam then choke on small pieces.

Bug masks are new to Heart Felt Play Store.Enjoy the inroductory savings when purchasing this set of 6. Sold individually at local events for $3.00 each.

Need a bigger swarm of bug? Contact Heart Felt Play Store owner, Malika Bourne 2 to 4 weeks in advance with the number…and a nice money saving coupon CODE created especialy for you Mom, and teacher.

Manufactured in China for OTC


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Original Post: Bug Mask Set of 6 DIY Craft Kits at Heart Felt Play Store
Bug Mask Set of 6 DIY Craft Kits at Heart Felt Play Store
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