Amber Service-Dog-in-Training age 9 weeks

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Amber Service-Dog-in-Training age 9 weeks

We have had Amber Service-Dog-in-Training in our for 2 weeks now.

Amber is such a smart pooch that she is begining to read “little words like ‘if and it” ( according to Dr Suess).


OUR PUP Amber-Service-Dog-in-Training is so smart she is learning to read. April Fools!

Ha! Ha! April Fools!

Training a puppy to be service dog is not that famous nor glamorous. It is a huge responcibility to be a the person who trains a dog to work for some one who needs assistance.

Amber is like every other puppy her age, except, I am watching her like a hawk so I don’t have to get her to unlearn things.

House breaking was going well…until…

..the 9 week old puppy in a small apartment with a long, long, long hallway got diarrea…then ate *#it. E-w-w-w!

“I eat poop! Nanna is not happy with me.

I don’t exactly mind cleaning up poop. S*it happens.

In fact poop was my life. ( I was a newborn and Pediatric RN and early chidlhood educator. Pooh is part of the job. So was managing behavior liek I now do with training the puppy.

But when a kid or a dog eats poop I can’t move fast enough to stop it. It turns my stomach. YUCK!

In the image above you see Amber waiting to be weighed so the vet could prescribe the correct dosage of medicine.

Amber now weighs 15 pounds and growing!

Hug the dog is a sign at our Vet wher my all my grand-doggers go for medical care.


As I finish this update on Amber’s progress Amber did something for the first time…

I had dropped an old credit card on the floor and decided to leave it. I wanted to see if she could figure out how to pick it up and hand it to me.And why not?

If my so son his cards on th efloor Amber will have to help him in the future…

Ambee DID IT ..she picked up a credit card and gave it to me when I told her to do so.

OK it was a coincidence, but I made a big deal about it. TOO bad the camera wa not turned on so I could share the proud look on her face and mine.

Original Post: Amber Service-Dog-in-Training age 9 weeks
Amber Service-Dog-in-Training age 9 weeks