How Will You Handle a Trucker Strike During the Government Shut-down?

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(While this is trucker strike  is long over, keep in mind that life can turn on a dime.)

I am not a Doomsday prophet. I can not predict the future. I do know we need to be aware of what is happening that will affect us in the near future. 

I am a senior citizen who is well read, educated and conerned about the state of Union in the United States.

The government of the United States shut down over a week ago. Here is a link that briefly lists those who will be immediately affected.

What is next?

Truck Convoy

It is my understanding that there are convoys of truckers heading to Wahington DC for October 11 through the 13th  (2013)to make a strong statement that we must get the government back to work. Independant truckers will not be hauling goods across the country for those 3 days. Every single American will feel the effect of trucks not delivery groceries or fuel.

Take a look at the images I posted. Those items fly off the shelves when times aare uncertain and trucks can not deliver fresh commodities and necessities.

  1. grocery stores
  2. gas stations
  3. ATM’s
  4. school buses
  5. emergency servies
  6. police
  7. more…                             



It may be a bumpy ride

  • How do we protect our children when so much may shut-down that the kids stay home from school?
  • How do we shield our children from the news broadcast should things get ugly?
  • How we tell the kids we can’t buy milk for their cereal?
  • How do you tell the kids they have to walk because there is no gas for the cars?

I have no perfect answers for what may or may not happen. I have the feeling few regular folks know the answers either. 



Plan ahead for the worst case scenario

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Stock up your cupboards asap in case there is a run on groceries.
  3. Make sure you have necessary medications and first aid supplies.
  4. Fill up your gas tank  in case there is a run on gas. Then don’t drive anywhere unless you must.
  5. Limit the news watching. Send the kids off to play when you do watch the news.
  6. Help your children to understand that you are the parents and you will be take care of them.
  7. Calmly explain to the kids that you all will be on a tighter budget for a while. No wasting. You will all work together.
  8. Do not talk about heavy concerns in front of the kids.

Like I already said, I do not have the answers. I sure do no want to cause a panic, either.  I want to express the need for adults to have an emergency plan to fall back on, just in case. I think we do need to take this shut-down very seriously.

(This happened in 2013. But,I think we all still need to be aware that this or something worse can happen again when we least expect it.)

I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying, Make good choices.”


Now it is your turn

  1. Do you have conerns about the shut-down and the trucks not hauling?
  2. How will you plan for a worse case scenario?
  3. The comment section can be a safe place to discuss our concerns without the kids getting upset.



Source: Nanna’s Spot (Archive)