No Sugar Tonight Halloween

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The dark night approaches when little creatures dressed as their altar-egos knock on doors to beg for candy exclaiming,  

“Trick or Treat!”

They just want the sugar treat without a trick to barter in exchange,



 Well, this old lady has a Trick in stores for those brave souls who dare knock on our door.

No, this is not a threat of some ghoulish scheme to terrorize little kids. But, I tell you what, there will be no sugar tonight given from my cauldron, for several reasons, in no particular order.

  1. Sugar is not good for kids.
  2. I have a thing about not buying products that might be made from uncompensated child labor who harvest the cocao bean.
  3. I don’t want the orangutans shoved out of their homes to gather palm oil for candy and other crap just so kids can rot their teeth on Halloween candy.
  4. If I had candy in the house I would eat it one piece at a time until there was no candy left to pass out at the door. I confess that if I found an M&M in the couch, I would brush it off and eat it. I like sugary junk even though I know it is no good for me. Yeah, sugar is just as addictive as cocaine is.

Saving the world

I have pondered this tradition with great care and concern.

My son and I have lovely neighborhood kids whom we do not want to disapoint or alienate.

I sure do no want to look like stingy wicked old witch who might get her yard TP’d out of revenge or something.

I went to the Dollar Tree to keep within our budget. I picked out a variety of non-candy junk to delight the annual beggars in disguise.


This photo shows the kind of orange and black choking hazards. The older kids can poke their eyes out with pencils, but they are old enough to know better.

  • pencils
  • spinning tops
  • little yo-yo’s
  • creepy spider and skull rings
  • cheap little games where you roll little balls around to make a goal

I figure every one is happy with thes cheap plastic trinkets that last a day or two longer than candy and it will not cause tooth decay, either. The kids can get their tactile stimulation for a few days before Mom and Dad pitch it all in the trash.

So they don’t have to stand and choose, I am making up little bags of goodies that will be passed out a few days before Halloween. 


Every one is happy! The kids can get their tactile stimulation for a few days before Mom and Dad pitch it all in the trash.

Win-win! I look the good fairy instead of the wicked witch luring children into my oven.

In my photo you will see:

  • jumping frogs
  • kazoos
  • eyeball pingpong balls 
  • spinning tops
  • larger rings
  • zip lock goodie bags


Choking Hazards by No Non-cents Nanna video

I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying, “Make good choices.”

Disclaimer: none of these items are guarenteed to be safe for all children. Please supervise you rchildren very carefully.


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Source: Nanna’s Spot (Archive)