True Magic is Found in the Imagination of a Child

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What If every child  could wish for whatever they want? Would magic be a great idea or not?

Let’s explore our value systems in realic life. What is true magic anyway?

Many parents of today’ generation rob their children of childhood by buying them thier own fantasies as they attempt to give devleoping minds “magic” to be loved in return.  This is so heartbreaking.

It is normal for us as parents to want to wish our kids to have better than we had when we were young. But, you MUST hold back or you will be withholding the greatest gifts of all.

What IF every wish came true by magic? Woudldwe be better off or not? REad teh psot to see waht No NO-cents nann has to say about True Magic being foudn inthe imgination of a child. Then commnet how we parnets can encourage or stillfel dreams.

Please don’t be stiffeling a child’s own creaativity; a stepping stone to their destiny.

So, my answer is NO. Getting every  fantasy wish for would not be a good choice for any one. Never woud eating ice cream day after day be a good thing, either. 

Sure, as kids  we all cried with at times when our parents said we could not have that one thing we dreamed of.

As a child I wished to Mommy with 100 kids.  I sure am glad I got another think on that one.

One of my children dreamed about living at K-Mart_that may be a much smarter Idea than I had at age 3.

But, we all grew stronger in spite of disappointment. Why would I say that when we can buy our kids their dream toys today?” says Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna.


No NOn-cents Nanna encourages imagination as that is wher theture magic can be found. then magnet itto the refrigertor door to enjoy!

 One of my 6 grandchildren painted this picture a few years ago when she was in kindegarten. Is this refrigerator art as valuable as Micheal Angelos’ painting in the Cistine Chappel ceiling? Waht child does not believe their painting the is best-er-est any kid EVER did in the whole wide world?

“As valuable?” Ha-ha! I kid you not!

This old No Non-cents Nanna says it is more priceless than any famous art work ever!But lest not over-inflate the ego nor cut them to shreds over their creatiively not being marketable.


Let’s keep it real!

  • It is only a fantasy to get a Gold Medal of a Million Bucks adn tiara for every thing we do.
  • Because this child put her heart and soul along with her imagination to place the colors on the paper where she pictured in her head they do deserve our feed back.
  • We can help the child explore what she/ he imagined by observing and asking questions something like this:

“Jane, I see a big yellow sunshine with a smiling face, tell me what you were thinking about when you painted this…”

“Carl, these colorful flowers are really something. Some are bigger and some are smalller and they are different colors. How ever did you choose which one would be big or small or blue even?”

There is no right nor wrong answer when a child answers with their heart- not what we the adults prompt them to say.


I know most grow-ups look at  a crappy piece of paper with blobs of paint on it knowing full well that no one would pay $1,000,000 for that ‘junk’, yet,  exclaim “Oh pretty!” (LIAR LIAT pant son Fire!)…

…before YOU throw that materpiece in the trash.

(Not me! I try to keep every one of those creatiionsuntill they become a fire hazard or grape juice gets spilled on it..)

We can dismiss the imagination as garbage…we are too busy working for money to buy the kid what they want…but, all our children really want is for us to appreciate their efforts by taking  time to explore the magic of their dreams, not hands over those things with a price tag.

Face to face: Make eye contact

Listen to your child speqk about things they imagine: face to face: Make eye contact: True Magic is in the imagination of achildsays Malika Bourne the No NOn-cents Nanna

Be quiet to listen what the child says. There will be magic in his/ her words as she uhms and a-a-a-a-h’s with inept wording to describe the painting or a pciture on a stick. Let me tell this: your child will always treasure these moments when you listened, really LISTENED to their words even if their ideas are only imaginary.

Don’t we ALL want to live in Sleeping Beauty’s Castle?

Don't we all want to live in Sleepign Beauty's castle? ure, it is OK now and then after wea as afamily have saved up to go vist them go home. Living our dreams is good now adn then. Imaginatio is wonderful gift to enjoy. But true magic is foudn int he imagiation of achild No Non-cents Nanna

 Well, yeah! Who as a child did not dream of being a fairy tale protagonist or princess?

We can’t all live at Disneyland even if you live within walking distance -and we did in the 1970’s. I can tell you this: As thrilling as it is to go on the Pirates of the Caribean ride 6 times in a row-just because you always dreamedof it-becomes as boring as making your bed and brushing your teeth everyday!

But every kid will appreciate that dream come true when earn the fantasy vacation after a lot of sweat from hard work of daily chores.

Whenn kids work up swaeta doing chores not only builds character but help them apprecieate their dream when a goal is met. No Non-cents Nanna

My grandson mowing the lawn build character. I know, he may not be so hot on this idea this year.

Reality check:

  • Parents have to work to pay the bills and admssion. Unless you work at the magic Kingdom playing a character for minimum wage.
  • Fulfilling fantacies now and then is so much fun! YAY!
  • What is even better that going to Disneyland every day is planning as a family on how to save up to pay the admission; buy the food and transportaion to get there. 

“Princess Charlotte has a Grand Jewelry Box to Borrow From”, the headline read…


I’m not jealous of the wealth that William and Kate’s new baby girl will inherit.

I AM a bit concerned that the new little princess will ever be able to experience the real beauty dreaming and hoping and wishing or scheming how to get her royal parents the  present EVER just because she loves them!

Pincess Charlotte has teh grandest jewelsry box to borrow jewlery from, bu twill she feel any more likea princess tahtn this little girl with her plastic beads adn imagination? asks No Non-cents Nanna.

Here is on of my 6 grandchildren all decked up in cheap plastic beads shestrung herself feeling like a beautiful princess. 

There is so much wealth in the  true magic in the imagination of a child.

 Don’t steal away a child’s dreams…

All childre need to dream by themselves. AS mauch as we paents want to fix the world to be perfect for our kids, we must not buy their dresm, but allow them to figure out the magic of theri dream all by themselves. says No Non-cnets nanna

In Disney’s version of Cinderella, Ella sings, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.”

As much as we parents want to protect our kids or the cruel harshness of the world, we should not steal their dreams by fixing everything for them.

  • Children have to learn to fail a number of times before they appreciate success.

When do buy them every fantasy it is kind of like buying them tickets to a Magic Show them revealing all of the tricks of the trade of the Magician illusions.

There is no magic when you know how the illussion is pulled off; Not FUN!

The best play things are gfits form the Earth:

  1. trees to climb in
  2. rocks to pile up
  3. dirt to dig in
  4. sticks to poke things with ( don’t poke eye out, tho’)
  5. bits of string or wire
  6. cuddling with peopele yoy love and trust
  7. scraps of cloth or an old sheet
  8. kitchen ingredients
  9. paper and penciles
  10. books
  11. old magazine pictures
  12. old socks
  13. used paper sacks
  14. soap and water
  15.  empty boxes

Fun ideas from Nanna family albums:

Oh, yeah, I love to make a mess as long as we clean it up. It is all a learning experience and that is 1/2 the magic!

Look at Nanna get a relaxing facial with fruit…

True Magic is ofund in the iamgination of a child: Make soemthing form the ktichen cupboard as long as you clean up the mess. No Non-cents Nanna

Moving boxes can be a child’s fantasy come true!

True Magic is foudn in the imagination of a child. Waht can be created from a bucnh of empty boxes? No Non-cents Nanna

We made a car from a box.

with imagination a child can make a very nice car. True Magic is Found in the imagination of a child No Non-cents Nanna

Read to chidlren when they are small.Then encourage them to make up their own stories.

Read to childrenwhen they are small. Then encourage them to use theri imaginations to make up theri own stories. True magic is fond in the Imagination of ac hild. No Non-cents Nanna

Not exactly a best selling novel, noraninvitation to dine at the White House…

Read to kids then encourage them to make up theri own stories. Imaginetion is magic! Noo Non-cents Nanna

Encourage kids to explore nature to discover the gifts of the Earth.

Encoaurage kids to explore the gifts of teh Earth in theri natural surroudnings. True magic is foudn in the imagination of a child. No Non-cents nanna

Well Bibity Bobbity -BOO! With imagination, a silly hat and decorated empty paper towel roll there is MAGIC! in the air!

I beleive in #MAGIC with a silly hat, a pape towle tube and imagination. Let's talkea a reality check parents to think whether or not our kids need every thing they wish for. True Magic is Found in the Imagination of a chidl. No Non-cents Nanna

I encourage all you families to spend quality time together using creativety and imagination vs buying the kids every thing they wish for.

In life there are no magic wands nor would getting every wished for wish be a good idea.

Imagining the what if I did this or what IF I did that what could happen? (Hopefully not blow the house up.) How far would that imagination cary the child into the future when they figured it out them selves?

I am Malika Bourne the No NOn-cents Nanna saying,” Make good choices.”

Now it is your turn:

After reading this take a look at your family photos. Do they refective creativity that promotes imagination or spending money?

NO, look  at your child. Look deep into their eyes as you listen to their creativity_the magic of their imagination!

Source: NoNon-centsNanna (Archive)