Visit Colorado this Summer Where the Beautiful View is a FREE Photographic Event

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 This old No Non-cents Nanna enjoys the beautiful view at the most any time or any where in Colorado Springs. 

Really, who would think going to a doctor’s appointment could into a photographic mini-vacation event?


 The natural beauty I see in #ColoradoSprings never ceases to amaze me. Visit #Colorado Where the air is clear. Image copy right2015 #Malika Bourne

For those of us who live in the Springs or are just visting and love photography you will want to keep you camera by your side to capture once in a life time scenic moments_ and this is well niside the city.

 I walk around the city from one bus stop to the next.

I also accompany my son who uses a wheelchair. We enjoy the view where ever the wheelchair can roll,so this post will include a mini-review of places that are wheelchair accessible. What a combo, I know! but for those who need to use a wheelchair and want to vist our city dwon slope of Pikes Peak there is still plenty of natural beauty to enjoy.

These first two images were photographed on North Weber street outside of  Vision Institute in Colorado Springs where we see our eye doctors Simons and Davis.

Review: Dr Simon has an amazingly patient way to explain vision problems. Dr Davis is extremly knowledgeable concerning my issues with my eye and eye lid muscles. I appreciate the delicate surgery he preformed on my eye lids a few years ago.

By the way, this office building is wheelchair accessible.

Pikes's Peak sneaks out from behind the clouds in #ColoradoSprings. Visit beautiful Colorado where theview is free. Image copyright #Malika Bourne

1715 N Weber St, Ste 360,
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Between E Del Norte St and E Espanola St

A few weeks ago I was walking along North Academy in Colorado Springs to see my Chiropractors, Doctor Doug and Dr Leanne at Carefree Chiropractic

This office is off the #25 city bus and wheelchair accessible. Tho’ crossing the street on foot can be hazardous.
3365 N Academy Blvd
 Colorado Springs, Colorado

Springstime Colors in the Rockies. North Academy Blvd and Carefree in #ColoradoSprings near Carefree Chiropractic and Penrose Urgent Community Urgent Care. Image copyright 2015 Malika Bourne. Visit #Colorado

I have to say the deco inside the chiropractors’ office is fun. The live plants and Beta fish are very pretty, but I just had to grab a differnt photo.  Look where I can hang my glasses!

Carefree Chropractice 3365 no Academy #ColoradoSprings. A fun look on th einside.Look where Malika can hang her glasses! copyright 2015 #Malika Bourne

Back to the scenic views…

Who would think taking my adult son to the foot doctor could be breath-taking? This is the view from the other side of the road on I-25 in Colorado Springs but with out the traffic.

FYI: The office building is clean and wheelchair friendly. I accompanied my son in his wheelchair via the paratransit van.

It is off of the main Voyeger Transit City Bus Stop by a number of blocks if I was getting ther by foot. However, crossing North Academy  on foot takes along timedue to traffic. I have to pay attention rather than taking photos of the awesome view in this area. 

Even visiting the podiatris in #ColoradoSprings can be breath taking. Enjy the view from the office of Dr. Matthew R. Thomas DPM 1155 Kelly Johnson Blvd Ste 310 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 Imgaecopyright 2015 #malika bourne

I couldn’t resist the ankle connected to the foot bone and the toe bone photo while we were waiting to see Dr Thomas a very personable Podiatrist/ foot and ankle surgeon..
1155 Kelly Johnson Blvd Ste 310
Colorado SpringsCO 80920

The toe bone's connect to the foot bone and the ankle bone at th eoffice of Dr Thomas 1155 Kelly Johnson Blvd in #Colorado SpringsEven a vist to the podiatrist is a phot taking #event
This old No No-cents has been busy, but not so busy that she can take time to smell the essential oils and shoot a picture where she can.

I don’t suggest taking a fall when you visit Colorado, but if you do and need a CAT Scan at St Francis this is the view on the inside.

Enjoy the view ofthe Rockies Mountians. But if you take a fall like the N Non-cents Nanna check out th eview of a CAT Scan at St Francis. Image copyright 2015 #Malika Bourne

St Francis Hospital and staff are very nice, but the transporation stinks! There is no public transportation out there. While I waited for my Taxi I tried to be creative with the view of the skinny water fall thru’ the window at the Valet Entrance.

Skinny waterfall veiw from St Francis Hospital in #ColoradoSprings. Image copyright #Malika Bourne

Images copyright 2015 Malika Bourne Colorado Springs, Colorado

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