It is Always a Great Day to Go to Curves for Women In Colorado Springs

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 When I was a young women, slim trim and confident, I never imagined that my body would one day show the affects of aging.

Now that I am enjoying the ripe old age of 64 I feel and see how a pound or two a year add up when gravity has its way with decreased muscle tone….

…OK, I’m fatter than I ever thought I could be.

I know many a younger folk look down their noses at us older women who never were supposed to look like they were 18 year old all of their life. (Whose loss is that?)

#Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna know its a "great day at #Curves for Wome in #Coloraod Springs. Owner of teh Cruves on Carefree just off of Academy is so upportive. No matter how un-buff I look she welcomes me with open arms."

This is why I love Curves for Women.

Curves accepts us women just the way we are while giving us all the opportunity to work out safely in a friendly environment.  We women get Me Time.

#Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna feels welcome at Curves beside the image of Jillian Michaels. #ColoradoSprings #Curves for Women. It is graet place to work out no matter your age or shape.


Here I am, the No Non-cents Nanna a rained on flabby mess wired for sound with a 3 cardiac monitor I ‘ll be wearing for 3 weeks sticking out of my shirt. 


  • I still feel comfortable posing in front of the image of buff Jillian Micheals. 

I have gone to Curves all over the country.

  • The attitude at every Curves is always postive. The Curves for Woment on Carefree and Academy, that I currently enjoy, is no exception. 
  • 3440 N Carefree Cir #140, Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Owner, Amy Dunbar welcomes me with open arms as she does all members, just for me making the effort to walk a .8 miles to walk in the door.

She ever pushes me beyond my safe limits. ( I’ve been nursing a shoulder injury and irregular heart beat; the reason for the monitor hanging out of my shirt.)

Let’s stay realistic; I’m no spring chicken!

It's a great day #Curves for #Womenin #ColroadoSprigns with lAmy Dunbar and #Malika Bourne

#Malika boure used one of the leg machines at #Curves for #Women on Carefree.

I am aware that this old No Non-cents Nanna is persnickety.I let people know when they are doing it wrong so postive changes can be made.

The main stream media is full of all kinds of bad things happening.

With that said, I believe that when people do things right we should shout out the good news over all the rest.

I want the world to know how much I appreciate all that Curves for Women does for us women no matter our size or the shapre we are in.

Big No Non-cents Nanna hugs goes out to Amy Dunbar for all the support you give me as I work my flabby chicken wing old lady arms off at your Curves. (Did I type your name right?)

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