No Non-cents Nanna Plans to Have a Chemical Free Home

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I had set an enormous goal for myself to try to get as many toxic chemicals out of our home as it is possible, back in 2013.

Today, I am updating this year old post to share with you if I met my goal or if I caved because my mission was impossible. 



I have always been a natural person. I grew up organic since the 1950’s when most people thought natural foods or organic was weird.

Some how I slowly let the crap seep in to our lives like a leaking sewer. ( Does this mean I am a human?)

Why the goal to go more natural?

To be honest, I would prefer to serve a meal  in my own home rather than  drive through a fast-food resturant like most us lazy,  junk eating Americans.

YIKES! Did I just type that?

I am a mother and grand mother. I love each member of my family so much that I would do what ever it takes to try to care for them.

My oldest child will be 40 year old in a few weeks. 

My boomerang son suffers from severe multiple sclerosis. I suffer watching his pain and the uncontrolable spasms. The disease is also incredibly mentally exhausting for both of us.



Research gives evidence that toxic chemicals sure won’t make any of us healthier at all. I feel that if I can reduce x% of stress on my son’s body by ridding our home of toxic chemicals then perhaps I could affect my son’s enjoyment of life in a more postive way.


What am I going to do? What I DID do:

  1. Stopped purchasing products made from harsh/toxic  chemicals
  2. Use only natural cleaners, deodorants, shampoos, handsoaps etc.
  3. Invest in essential oils
  4. Buy organic and unprocessed foods as much as possible.
  5. Avoid cooking in aluminum and Teflon
  6. Store food in glass jars rather than plastic.
  7. Wear clothes made from natural fibers; 75% is good.



How am I doing so far?

  1. Mix milk in Mason jars from powder instead of buying in disposable plastic jugs.
  2. Small garden is growing so-so. (My garden failed agin. I have a green thumb in Iowa, but Colorado is tough, for me.)
  3. Sprout beans every week.
  4. Herbs are starting to grow in pots inside the house.
  5. I made tooth paste from baking soda and essential oils*.
  6. I clean with vinegar, baking soda, salt, essential oils*.
  7. Made my own bath salts.
  8. Freeze fresh vegtables when possible trying to avoid food in tin cans.
  9. Saving money to buy a food dehydrater. (I have not gotten a dehydrator, yet.)
  10. I use essential oils.

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