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One BERRY Happy Baby!

No Non-cents Nanna’s youngest grandchild is  cute as a bug eating berries, don’t you know! (Wearing the berries,too!) Babies explore their world by putting everything in their mouths. It is a healthy and natural part of growth and development all children need to enjoy… …so, lighten up, folks. Just hose ’em off at the sink! All […]

Colorado Springs Beauty Photographed by Malika Bourne

 They say a picuture says a 1,000 words. All this old No Non-cents Nanna could say was… OH WOW! Then I shot a photo. Copyright image by Malika Bourne taken April 13, 2015 near Carefree/Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. There are so many naturally beautiful sites to see in Colorado Springs Colorado. Come visit our […]