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No Sugar Tonight Halloween

The dark night approaches when little creatures dressed as their altar-egos knock on doors to beg for candy exclaiming,   “Trick or Treat!” They just want the sugar treat without a trick to barter in exchange,      Well, this old lady has a Trick in stores for those brave souls who dare knock on our door. […]

I Stole a Nickel Pack of Gum in 1955

I wanted a piece of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum.  At age had 5 I tasted that mouth watering gum a few times before. Standing in the grocery store line with my father I spotted the display of the yellow packages of chewing gum. I wanted to experince that fruity goodness in my mouth. Yes, I […]

Service Dog, Attacks with Love, the Frantic Babysitter

The 14 year old service dog stretched his old black, white and liver body after waking form his long nap. He looked around the bed expecting to to see his self appointed charge, Phia, to still be sleeping, but she was not on the bed. Tacks, the service dog jumped off the bed to scurry on […]

When LifeTurns on a Dime What Do You Do?

As living beings we breath in and breath out every day no matter if the sunshines or not or if we even have dime to spend or not. Some days are good ones; other are not so great.  Our hearts beat. We breathe in…we breathe   out… We eat drink sleep, wake up, walk around […]

No Non-cents Nanna Share 10 plus Uses for Mason Jars

                                   I do love to put things in clear jar with lids. Mason jars are the best, though, I will wash and sterilize any emptied jar I have on hand. I mix two quarts of powdered milk a day. (We never run out of milk.) I make oatmeal over night in the frig by combining the […]

Sudden Infant Death Awareness Month

 October is Sudden Infant Death Awarness Month. Putting your sweet baby to bed you expect them to wake up smiling or crying loudly in need of a diaper change or to be feed.  But, when a baby unexpectedly passes away in their sleep it is devasting to families. Most often the diagnoisis is Sudden Infant Death, […]